Content Creation Guidelines for SEO

It is no secret that content marketing is an important part of any SEO strategy. Creating effective content for SEO continues to evolve, and search engines continue to adapt in order to give users the best results. An importance is now being placed on thorough content that can provide a user with all the information [...]

October 10th, 2017|SEO|0 Comments

Optimizing AdWords Campaigns for Mobile

The digital landscape continues to shift towards mobile devices and this affects how our AdWords campaigns should be optimized. The majority of searches completed on search engines are done on mobile devices. This means putting an emphasis on targeting mobile devices with your AdWords campaigns is important to reach your largest potential audience. Google will [...]

The Importance of Video on Websites

Video is becoming a key piece of many websites and for very good reason. It is no secret that online video consumption has been on the rise for a while now and is becoming the preferred method users consume content. In fact by the end of 2017 online video will account for 74% of all [...]

September 14th, 2017|Web Design|0 Comments

What is Internal Linking and How Does it Benefit a Website?

Internal linking is used on all websites and is essential for navigating a website's content. Internal links are links located on a website that link to another page on that same website. Internal links are most commonly used for creating a website's navigation or menu or located within the sites content. Internal links are essential [...]

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The Importance of Site Structure

As Google continues to evolve their search algorithm and make it easier for users to find the information they are looking, websites have to evolve their SEO techniques as well. One site element that continues to grow in importance and effect SEO more and more is site structure. The better your site is structured the [...]

August 1st, 2017|SEO|0 Comments

How Important is My Google Business Listing?

Let's start off by immediately answering the question “how important is my Google business listing?” Extremely important! Consider the results for the Google search “shoe stores.” When this search term is entered the first thing you see at the very top of the search results is Google displaying a map with with local business listings. [...]

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Mobile First and Responsive Web Design

If your businesses website still does not offer a mobile friendly design and experience then you are undoubtedly missing out on web traffic and potential leads. Delivering a mobile friendly experience for your users is now more important than ever. At the end of 2016 for the first time mobile internet traffic surpassed desktop internet [...]

Google AdWords Price Extensions

Why Use Price Extensions? Google introduced price extensions to allow businesses to provide a larger showcase of their services and products to potential customers. Price extensions also cut down the steps a potential customer needs to take to reach a product or service that interests them. When using a price extension your ad can take [...]