Online Reviews and SEO

Did you know your company’s online reviews or lack of online reviews can affect where your business ranks on search engines? How your business is reviewed by online users on Google, social media and online directories can have a major impact on how people are finding your website. In fact according to MOZ's Local Search [...]

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The Importance of External Links and How to Build Them

What is an External Link? An external link is a link on a website that points at an external domain. An example of this would be if your website was offering content on a certain subject and you included a link to another website that could offer additional information. You may also be aware [...]

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Does My Site Need SSL?

What is SSL? You may have heard of the term SSL before but aren’t exactly sure what it is. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is used to secure the data sent over the internet from your computer to the destination servers. This type of information includes logins, credit card information or personal information [...]

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Choosing the Right Domain

What are Domains? In order to choose the best domain name for your website it is first important to understand what a domain is. Domains are described as unique, human-readable addresses for websites. All domains are comprised of three parts: a top-level domain also known as a TLD or suffix, a domain name and [...]

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Why Use Google Tag Manager?

Let’s start by explaining what Google Tag Manager is first. Google Tag Manager is essentially a container that you install in the header of your website or on your mobile app. Then through the Google Tag Manager (GTM) interface you can add tags and scripts to your website or app. As a marketer you can [...]

Content Creation Guidelines for SEO

It is no secret that content marketing is an important part of any SEO strategy. Creating effective content for SEO continues to evolve, and search engines continue to adapt in order to give users the best results. An importance is now being placed on thorough content that can provide a user with all the information [...]

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Optimizing AdWords Campaigns for Mobile

The digital landscape continues to shift towards mobile devices and this affects how our AdWords campaigns should be optimized. The majority of searches completed on search engines are done on mobile devices. This means putting an emphasis on targeting mobile devices with your AdWords campaigns is important to reach your largest potential audience. Google will [...]

The Importance of Video on Websites

Video is becoming a key piece of many websites and for very good reason. It is no secret that online video consumption has been on the rise for a while now and is becoming the preferred method users consume content. In fact by the end of 2017 online video will account for 74% of all [...]

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What is Internal Linking and How Does it Benefit a Website?

Internal linking is used on all websites and is essential for navigating a website's content. Internal links are links located on a website that link to another page on that same website. Internal links are most commonly used for creating a website's navigation or menu or located within the sites content. Internal links are essential [...]

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