2018 Social Media Roundup

Social media changes fast! It can be tough to keep up with all the updates and new things going on in social media. It’s easy to fall behind and even miss out on a great opportunity for growth. Because of this, we’ve assembled a guide to keep you informed on all the latest social trends [...]

Stop talking, start listening.

In old western flicks, we used to hear the expression “He was talking when he should’ve been listening.” quite a bit. It usually implies that someone wasn’t listening to something important and it didn’t work out in their favour. The same can be said about social media and copywriting. If you’re trying to figure out [...]

Influencing on a Smaller Scale.

You’ve probably seen celebrities in TV commercials or attending other publicity events endorsing a product. Traditionally, paying a celebrity a sizable amount of money to endorse your brand was the quickest and easiest way to get your brand some great exposure and see a decent return on investment. That being said, not every business has [...]

Getting Started with Google Display Ads Campaign

There are three key components to creating a successful Google display ads campaign. These components are ensuring you have the right campaign settings, have proper ad group targeting and effective ad creative. Ensuring you take the time to set up these components specific to your business and the goals of your campaign should result in [...]

How Live Streaming Video Can Benefit Your Brand.

If you haven’t seen the current platforms that people use to “livestream” content, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the last couple of years. But why is live content all the rage these days? We’re going to walk you through why people love live content so much and how you can leverage it [...]

The Importance of Redirects and How to Implement them

What is a Redirect and Why are they Important? Let’s say you have a page on your website that uses the URL exmaplerestaurant.com/menu/ but you find out through keyword research that making the URL examplerestaurant.com/italian-food/ will improve your site’s SEO. Once you have updated your URL two things will happen. One is that Google will [...]

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